Investment Administration

Truly independent – since 1997

At PandaConnect, our objective is to create maximum value for our clients at the lowest possible cost to our clients within Investment Administration.

This covers services such as Investment reporting, Investment Accounting, Fund Service (NAV), Collection Management and IT.

The solutions are simple, unique and global using our own build front-to-back on-line portfolio management platform.

  1. Take control of your investment data.
  2. Get a complete overview of all your investments.
  3. Make better decisions.

We work across various industries from the smaller private wealth segment, Single Family Office to Multi Family Offices, Investment Advisors, Foundations, Unions, Universities, Unemployment Funds etc. to major institutional clients within Pension Schemes, Insurance Companies, Investment managers and Funds (NAV).

Our many partners have selected our solution because of high competencies in the organisation, a sophisticated but simple IT platform and a value oriented attitude towards each and every client.


We perform many different tasks within:


We are a proud sponsor of WWF

WWF’s ultimate goal is “people living in harmony with nature”. Our green profile goes hand in hand with what WWF stands for, so we are proud to be able to continue our support to them – making a difference.

Our continuous efforts to improve our solutions include reducing clients’ printing volumes, using energy-saving IT solutions, recycling resources, enhancing our green profile etc.

“We can make a difference for future generations and the environment –and you can help.”

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