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7 small single Family Offices

7 small single Family Offices
In December 2018 and start of January 7 small single Family Offices chooses PandaConnect Group as their provider for Investment Administration.

What a 4th quarter 2018. The market went down, down and down like never seen before. All investment classes was negative except perhaps for currency and the Investors with Alternative Investments […]

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Large Nordic insurance company

Large Nordic insurance company
A large Nordic insurance company specialized in healthcare chooses PandaConnect to handle their Investment Administration.

Having a pretty complex investment sphere, the client decided to outsource the daily back office tasks to an independent third party provider of investment administration – doing the daily portfolio updates and reconciliations.

With an investment team responsible for […]

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Scandinavian Multi Family Office

Scandinavian Multi Family Office chooses PandaConnect Group 
Well established Scandinavian Multi Family Office (MFO) changes old routines.


Aiming for an institutional solution the client choose PandaConnect Group after a thorough due diligence and interviews with other clients of PandaConnect.


The MFO was looking for a platform both supporting their existing business as well as supporting their growth strategy. […]

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Denmarks largest University

Denmarks largest university selects PandaConnect Group in a public EU tender.
In the tender the University had described a number of very specific requirements.

The University wanted to achieve a uniform basis for Investment accounting and Investment reporting across their multi investment managers.

It was a prerequisite that the service they selected could provide the University in having […]

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New UHNWI chooses PandaConnect Group
New UHNWI have in co-operation with the trusted advisor decided to use PandaConnect Group as the future platform for the Investment Administration.

One of the most important issues for the Client was to have a truly independent provider of the services. By using the platform the client ensures, that the trusted advisor […]

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Norwegian Single Family Office

Norwegian Single Family Office
We are proud to announce that a Norwegian Single Family Office chooses PandaConnect. The family is exposed in bankable assets and non-bankable assets as properties, investments with a very active ownership as well as having registered the private investments and collections in art and cars.

By putting all assets into same set-up and […]

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2 small single Family Offices

2 small single Family Offices
2 small single Family Offices chooses PandaConnect Group as their provider for Investment Administration.

I often get asked when is a service like ours relevant for a Family Office. What is the size needed, before it’s not a waste of money? What is the price of our services?

Well it depends a little […]

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We continue as WWF sponsor 2018

WWF sponsor 2018 – Of course, PandaConnect will continue for another year as a sponsor of WWF.

WWF World Natural Fund’s ultimate goal is “people living in harmony with nature”. Our green profile goes hand in hand with what WWF
stands for so we are proud to be able to back up to make a difference.
We give […]

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East Sussex English Pension Fund

English Pension Fund – East Sussex
England is a big country. Historically with many traditions.

England is not Denmark and the pension fund market is another.

But after having serving the Danish pension fund market for more than 20 years with securities administration, investment reporting, reporting to the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority, we have accumulated a lot of […]

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2 years later – multi-billion Family Office selects

Dear Family Office – 2 years is no waiting time – compared to choosing wrong!
It is very difficult to choose a new portfolio management system – especially as Family Office.
Why ? Because the Family Office is used to the best of best in design, quality, etc. !

But what is important in Investment administration?

Our proposal  […]

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