PandaConnect promotes good governance for foundations and enables them to regain control over their data. We realize that data always should be presented unbiased and, in a format, suitable for the investment committee to take the optimal decisions.

Responsibility, sustainably and ethical investing are a code of conduct which most foundations are familiar with. PandaConnect is working together with some of the largest foundations in Europe, helping them to exercise a “best-practice” through economic upswing and recessions.

Which advantages will a foundation obtain with a PandaConnect solution?

  • World class IT infrastructure audited by EY
  • Complete overview of investments and their performance
  • Automatic accounting – ensures fewer errors for the book-keeper
  • Better insight into investment-costs
  • Reconciliation on a daily basis towards custodians – this list is growing every year
  • Alignment of different types of manager reporting – PandaConnect eliminates unique reporting characteristics such as return & performance methodology and layout that can blur the assessment of manager performance
  • Screening of ethical investments
  • Notifications when investment rules are compromised