Single Family Offices/UHNWI

Our highly experienced team solves your challenges within wealth transparency and accuracy through complete data aggregation, calculation and consolidation – across banks, custodians, currencies and managers. We facilitate a complete, correct and timely wealth overview–a full-scale investment administration covering both financial and non-financial assets.

Giving the principal and/or his SFO control back over data empowers them in making informed investment decisions – helping you achieve the twin goals of wealth preservation and growth.

Which advantages will a single family office/UHNWI obtain with a PandaConnect solution?

  • Handling of all asset classes through PandaCore technology – when new types of investment classes are discovered, it is gradually built into the system
  • Higher transparency on costs and expenses
  • Improved overview on manager performance
  • Automatic validation of deposits, cash, holdings and much more – our system controls, matches and concludes data
  • PandaConnect’s dedicated client managers are standing by to support clients and answer questions